Ted London keynote speaker Max Havelaar Lecture 2017



De bekende Amerikaanse geleerde Ted London is de keynote speaker tijdens de Max Havelaar Lecture op 25 oktober. London is een van de grootste specialisten op het gebied van Base of the Pyramid issues in de wereld.

De Max Havelaar Lecture vindt jaarlijks plaats op de Erasmus Universiteit. Het thema is dit jaar 'Building Businesses with Impact and Scale'. Hieronder vindt u het programma van de lezing van 2017. Meld u hier aan.

Building Businesses with Impact and Scale

'The Base of the Pyramid Promise: Building Businesses with Impact and Scale’ is the title of the latest book of Prof. Ted London, an American scholar and one of the foremost specialists on Base of the Pyramid (BoP) issues in the world. We are proud to present Ted London as the keynote speaker of the tenth Max Havelaar lecture. Together with Ted London and other speakers, we will dive deeper into the most important message of the SDGs: ‘to leave no one behind’. How are we going to include the four billion low-income people, a majority of the world’s population, that constitute the base of the economic pyramid?

The figures about economic inequality are astonishing. According to Oxfam just eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity. We have found Max Lawson of Oxfam UK willing to tell us more about inequality, closing the gap and the campaigns of Oxfam.

And there is also good news. More and more companies actually come up with creative ideas to target the real poor and move them out of poverty. But can these initiatives be scaled and can they reach sufficient numbers of people? Buks Akinseye from Unilever has hands-on experience as Manager Global Partnerships & Advocacy, Livelihoods. He will share his thoughts and experiences about building businesses with impact and scale.


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